Embroidery machine, single-head, 15-needle with accessories for sewing beads from the tape

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Embroidery machine, single-head, 15-needle with accessories for sewing beads from the tape
Embroidery machine, single-head, 15-needle with accessories for sewing beads from the tape


TEXI 1501 TS PREMIUM B SET is an embroidery machine with mounted equipment for sewing beads from a tape.
Thanks to this device, it is possible to sew beads aesthetically as a separate application or complement embroidery made on an embroidery machine.
The device is designed to sew beads with a size between 2 -2.5 mm.
Ideally suited to decorating children's clothing, costumes for dancers and such accessories as beauticians, clutch bags, scarves, scarves, etc.
The machine is attached to the TEXI 1501 TS PREMIUM embroidery machine. We recommend ordering the embroidery machine with the machine already installed.

1-head, 15-needle industrial, compact embroidery machine. Perfect for plain embroidery, embroidery on caps and ready garments. Open space under the hoop, makes embroidery on big elements easy, without creases on the embroidered material. Cylindrical arm is useful for embroidering on ready products and a big variety of standard hoops helps to optimize work. During usage of one of hoops, another one can be prepared for a new job. Sturdy base's wheels allow easy transport of the machine.

Technical specification:
- 1 head
- 15 needles/colors (threads)
- Max. hoop size: up to 540 x 350 mm
- 11 hoops in standard (6 sizes):
1) 2 x circular, diam. 90 mm,
2) 2 x circular, diam. 120 mm,
3) 2 x circular, diam. 150 mm,
4) 2 x circular, diam. 200 mm,
5) 2 x square 290 x 290 mm,
6) 1 x oval 540 x 360 mm
- equipment for embroidering on cap
- 270° wide angle cap system
- cylindrical arm
- 7'' touch panel with necessary functions (START, STOP key, auto thread trimming, color change, frame move, embroidery status, numerical keys for needle choice)
- possibility of edition, erasing, copying, scaling of the design on the panel's screen
- following the progress of the embroidery in real time on the panel
- automatic thread trimming system
- auto thread break detection
- external thread winder
- laser trace device
- max. sewing speed 1.200 stitches / min.
- possibility of checking the contour of the embroidery
- built-in USB port
- multilingual menu
- works with all popular formats: Tajima, Barudan, ZSK (.dst, .dsb, .fdr)
- built-in LED light
- emergency switch
- machine's sizes: 75 x 74 x 85 cm
- 150 W energy saving SERVO motor
- power supply: 220-240V or 110V / 50-60Hz
- weight 90 kg

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles, system DBXK5 in proper sizes.

Optional equipment:
- professional embroidery design software - CHROMA inspire
- belt hoop
- shoe hoop
- sequin device
- cording device

Specification of the device for sewing on beads:
- two ribbon feeders with beads.
- beads size from 2 - 2.5 mm

1 year warranty

Arrange a presentation - write on sales@strima.com or call us: +48 61 8950 950

Technical specification:

Needles quantity of embroidery machine 15
Max. embroidery area 540 x 360 mm
Touch screen Yes
Max. sewing speed 1200 s.p.m.