TEXI XYZ MC 200x150

Milling and cutting plotter

Cutters and lasers

Milling and cutting plotter
Milling and cutting plotter
Milling and cutting plotter
Milling and cutting plotter


Innovative Texi MC multi-tool plotter designed for cutting carpets, cardboard boxes, plastic panels, composite panels, air-tight textile materials, vinyl film, rubber, foams, leather and eco-leather. Designed to cope with the processing of the greatest variety of materials, while guaranteeing time savings and a precise end result.

The plotter has a modular structure, which makes it possible to extend the working field. WARNING! The working field length must be determined before the device is assembled. It is not possible to add modules to an assembled machine.

Working area: 1500x2000x100 mm
Max. head travel speed: 35,000 mm/min
Vacuum tabletop divided into 6 sections (the possibility of disconnecting each section with a valve)
Rail guides, rail bearings
Built-in tool length sensor
Precise step-servo motors with position auto-correction
Planetary gears (increasing the precision of engines)
LAN communication (LAN-USB adapter possible)
Reads files: PLT, DXF
Power supply: 230 V
Max power consumption: 4 kW

Standard equipment:
Milling spindle: 1050 W
Electric oscillating tool EOT
Electric tool with a dragged knife
Perforated PVC board (1500mm x 2000mm x 8mm)
Felt for oscillating tool and dragged knife (1500mm x 2000mm x 4mm)

Additional equipment (extra charge):
Electric creasing tool
Dust extraction - sealing foot with brushes + flexible hose (can be connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner - the vacuum cleaner is not included)

length: 250 cm
width: 195 cm
height: 132 (after removing the gate 83 cm)